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Perspectives on course design

Perspectives on course design is one of the compulsory courses for teaching positions at the faculty.

Who is this course for?

  • For you who teach or will teach students at the Medical faculty
  • For you who is applying for a teaching position at the Medical faculty

Entry requirements

Completion of the course Perspectives on learning or equivalent.


The aim of the course is to prepare the participants for taking on a course responsibility. The participants will be provided with opportunities to increase their understanding of student learning and course design, and to become more familiar with the literature on teaching and learning in higher education. Furthermore, participants get the opportunity to develop their own teaching through the individual course assignment.

Scope and assessment

The course is equivalent to 120 hours of work. In order to receive a course certificate, attendance and active participation in all parts of the course is required, as well as passed course assignments. All course elements must be completed within two years from the start of the course.

On completion of the course, the participant shall be able to

  • analyse a university course within the own subject field regarding its learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, assessment and evaluation based on relevant pedagogical literature
  • be able to formulate learning outcomes and based on these to plan and argue for teaching and learning activities, assessment and evaluation with support in pedagogical theory and within existing frameworks
  • identify factors that characterise inclusive pedagogy
  • reflect on the importance of the learning environment for learning
  • explain what self-directed learning can mean and how a portfolio tool can support it
  • be able to utilize own and others' experiences and communicate relevant results of own pedagogical development work to colleagues.

The course is based on a number of core concepts with relevance to course design: self-directed learning, assessment, view of knowledge and learning environment as well as leadership in education. Modules on writing learning outcomes, choice of pedagogical working methods and assessment are included. The course is based on literature and research in teaching and learning in higher education.

Presentations, group discussions and auscultation are included in the course. The participants will work on a pedagogical development project for their own teaching. During the course, all course assignments are collected in an individual portfolio. Specified literature is indicated for each scheduled meeting. To a large extent the work takes place in groups that stay together throughout the course.

Course dates autumn 2024

2 September13:00-16:30
3 September13:00-16:30
5 September13:00-16:30
17 September13:00-16:30
26 September13:00-16:30
7 October13:00-16:30
17 October13:00-16:30

All course meetings are compulsory. Some assignments will be done on the course platform before the first scheduled meeting. The course meetings equal approximately 35 hours and individual work approximately 85 hours.

Apply for the course here.


Kajsa Lamm

Lecturer, MedCUL

kajsa [dot] lamm [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se