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If you need to take a break or end your studies

Do you need to discontinue or take a study break from your doctoral studies?

For various reasons, you may need to discontinue your doctoral studies or take a break for a period of time. 

Study break

One reason for taking a break may be that you are admitted to part-time studies in combination with clinical duties. The work at the clinic may require more presence during a certain period, which means that you need to take a break from your studies. If this is the case, it is very important to register reduced activity in the Ladok system, and update the individual study plan accordingly. 

Discontinuation of PhD studies

It may also be the case that part way into the programme you feel that that PhD programme was not as expected and you need to discontinue. There may also be other changes outside the programme that affect you in life and lead to the need to end your PhD studies early. In this case you must fill in and submit the form "Discontinuation of studies", which can be found here: 

Forms and certificates needed during the PhD programme

Graduating with a Licentiate degree

An alternative to studying for four years full-time and finishing with a doctoral degree is to finish with a licentiate degree after two years of full-time studies. This can be an option if you feel that you do not want or are unable to complete a four-year programme. You can read more about the requirements for a licentiate degree here: 

Licentiate degree




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