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Health, environment and safety committee Lund 1

Representatives of the employer

Anna Darabi

Department of Experimental Medical Science (EMV):
Cecilia Andersson, assistant head

Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund (IKVL):
Anna Darabi, assistant head

Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö (IKVM):
Marju Orho-Melander, assistant head

Department of Laboratory Medicine (ILM):
Karolin Hansén Nord, assistant head

Department of Translational Medicine (ITM):
Anders P Håkansson, research team leader

Centre for Comparative Medicine (CCM):
Caroline Bäck, head

Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC):
Sebastian Wasserstrom, research engineer

Jonas Eriksson, environmental administrator

Representatives of the education organisation

Undergraduate education board (GUN):
Magnus Abrahamsson, HMS-responsible teacher

Representatives of the local health & safety organisation

Anders Mårtensson, principal health and safety representative
Karin Haraldsson, principal health and safety representative
Magnus Persson, principal health and safety representative

Student representatives

CM's principal student safety officer
Andrea Lirvall nås på studenthalsa [at] mfskane [dot] se (studenthalsa[at]mfskane[dot]se)

Chair Medicinska föreningen (MF):
Cornelia Börjesson Freitag, ordf [at] mfskane [dot] se (ordf[at]mfskane[dot]se)

Others with attendance and opinion rights

Occupational Health Services:
Annika Ekstedt, nurse

Occupational Health Services:
Johan Ohlin, Work environment engineer 

Department of Biomedical Engineering LTH/BMC:
Ingrid Svensson, head

Department of Immunotechnology LTH/MV:
Mats Ohlin, head

Roger Alexandersson, work environment coordinator

Biosafety coordinators:
Lena Ohlsson, Anna Darabi

Division of Faculty-Wide Education Support:
Adelé Månsson, coordinator

Fanny Wennerström, work environment coordinator

Lena Ohlsson, work environment coordinator

Lisette Eklund, work environment coordinator (OSA)

Jennie Berne, work environment coordinator

Anna Hedelius, work environment coordinator

Laila Jacobsson, work environment coordinator

MedCUL, Med-service, LBIC, Office and LBIC:
Olga Frennesson-Talpain, work environment coordinator

Lena Ohlsson, work environment coordinator EMV/IKVL/ILM


Lena Ohlsson
Work environment coordinator IKVL/ILM
lena [dot] ohlsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (lena[dot]ohlsson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)