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Improving your figures, tables & graphical abstracts

Whether you have existing figures that need to comply with journal guidelines, or you want to create new illustrations or graphical abstracts, you can get help by contacting Library & ICT research support team. Our illustrator work directly with you to turn your ideas and data into figures that help you communicate your research be it for scientific grants, publications, or manuscripts.

Creating engaging and effective figures & graphical abstracts

Visual presentations of scientific concepts are critical components of scientific research and research outputs. Whether you need feedback on existing figures or graphical abstracts, you can get help by contacting Library & ICT research support team. In addition to feedback and practical support on your existing figures, we can also assist you by designing original illustrations based on sketches, re-drawing low-resolution images, icons, diagrams, and flowcharts to generate publication quality figures & illustrations.

Figure design in dialog with researchers

Katarina Jandér has helped PhDs and senior researchers with figures, graphical abstracts, and illustrations. She works directly with authors to help you turn your ideas into figures that will help you communicate your research, be it in print, posters, or presentations, and will be involved throughout the whole process from idea to delivery.

Contact Katarina Jandér at Library & ICT Research Support (web form) for more information on the work process and to discuss what kind of illustration service you may need.

Get feedback on you layout to improve readability and professional appearance. We review different aspect of your figures , like colour, legibility, font, line weights, spacing to accurately and efficiently communicate your results.

Contact us at Library & ICT Research Support (web form)

Depending on our workload and prior requests, time to start and deliver a figure or illustration may vary.

Order a graphical abstract or a scientific illustration for free (web form)



Library & ICT research support team

  • Feedback and practical support on figures & graphical abstracts
  • Figure design & illustration service

Contact us at Library & ICT Research Support (web form)