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Department of Translational Medicine

Members of the board

Term of office 1 January 2022-31 December 2024

Teaching staff representatives

Jan Astermark, head of department and chair
Johan Malm, deputy and assistant head of department and responsible for undergraduate education
Lars B Dahlin
Eva Norström
Kristian Riesbeck
Aleksander Giwercman
Christopher Rääf, assistant head of department and repsonsible for research education
Maria Alvarado Kristensson

Dupties (teaching staff representatives)

Sophia Zackrisson
Per Björkman

Ordinary member for researchers/lecturers employed by the health service

Johan Tham

Ordinary members other staff

Ben King
Malin Neptin (från maj 2022)

Deputies members other staff

Lena Axelsson
Eva Källberg

Student representatives – doctoral students, ordinary members

Rebecka Carlinger



Student representatives – undergraduate, ordinary member





Financial officer

Emma Hamrefors

Principal health and safety representative

Johan Lind

Administrative manager

Katarina Westrin Sjöberg