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Tools for working with working environment

As a manager, you can use various tools to work preventively with work environment issues in your work group. Listed below are some tools that may be of assistance.

  • Educational material in preventive work against abusive discrimination.
  • OSA/SFAD games that are tools for work groups. The games helps to identify risks in the work environment by taking a stand on various statements.
  • Checklist for dealing with hate, threats and violence.
  • Template for examination of the work environment (“current situation” analysis) (PDF, opens in new tab)

This basic training aims to increase the knowledge of how threat and violent situations within LU's operations can be prevented. The training also aims at drawing the attention of all employees to the routines that exist for dealing with threatening and violent situations should they arise.

All employees at the Faculty of Medicine must attend the training. The manager should carry out the training with the support of his nearest health and safety coordinator.

You can find the filmed lecture in the Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

The course is aimed at those who work in different ways with laboratory animals at the Faculty of Medicine.

More information about the course on Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

This training course provides basic knowledge of how work environment legislation is structured, what systematic work environment management entails, how Lund University has organised its work environment management, what roles and responsibilities we have, and how we collaborate on work environment issues.

Register for the course trough Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

The workshop is aimed at managers with personnel responsibility. As a manager at Lund University, you have three roles: employer, leader and operational manager. This workshop is mainly about your responsibilities that come with the role of employer.

Register for the course trough Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

The workshop will help you sort out what you need and must do as an employer regarding both the handling of cases of victimisation and harassment, and the preventive work against victimisation and harassment. You will be introduced to the method of investigation used at Lund University for these issues. You will get more information about what kind of support you can get and where to get it.

Read more about the workshop at Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

This online course provides the basic knowledge in chemical safety that you need to be able to handle chemical products in a way that is safe for you, your surroundings, and the environment. The training is aimed at organisations within Lund University where chemical products and risk sources are handled.

The course is intended for staff who will be working with chemical products and risk sources, as well as for managers (research team leaders, heads of division and heads of department) and health and safety coordinators who need insight into, and knowledge of, chemical management and the applicable rules, laws and regulations that form the basis for safe handling of chemicals.

More information and registration can be found in Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

As the person responsible for registering chemicals in KLARA, and taking chemical inventories, you need to have good knowledge of how KLARA functions and understand what your task entails. The main goal of this course is to provide you with information that will enable you to register chemicals in KLARA and take inventories according to standards set at Lund University. During the course you will also learn how to search for chemical safety instructions in KLARA, how to create a list of chemicals and the importance of different legal aspects when handling chemicals that require special permits.

The course is intended for:

  • Staff members who have been assigned a new task to register chemicals and take chemical inventories.
  • Staff members who currently work with registering chemicals and taking chemical inventories.
  • KLARA administrators who need to assist with problem-solving for chemical registration and inventories.

More information and registration link can be found at Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

Everyone working with ionizing radiation at Lund University must be familiar with the basics of ionizing radiation, as well as the applicable rules and regulations for handling ionizing radiation. Employees working with ionizing radiation are required to have a basic knowledge about the rules and regulations (both national rules and local regulations) that are applicable for the use.

More information and registration can be found at Kompetensportalen. (Login Lucat ID)

For those of you who are managers and who want to further develop your skills, courses are continuously offered.

For more information, please visit HR-webb. 

Contact and support

Do you have questions about how you can work preventively for a better and safer working environment?

Contact your nearest health and safety coordinator for physical or organizational and social work environment.