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Surveys and course evaluations

Follow-up through surveys and course evaluations

Supervisor survey 2020

In 2020, the Faculty of Medicine conducted a survey on the work situation for supervisors in doctoral education. The purpose was to increase knowledge of the supervisors' situation and experiences in order to understand how this can affect the quality of third-cycle education. The survey, which was answered by more than 170 principal supervisors at the faculty, included questions about experiences of the supervisory role, access to support, perceived stress and overall impressions of the role as a supervisor.

The survey responses indicated that it is common for supervisors to experience their work situation as stressful, but that this is not primarily due to the assignment as supervisor as such. Instead, the situation seems to be linked to indirect factors, such as burdensome administrative tasks and pressure to apply for funding.

The results have been reported and discussed within the Research Education Board. The problem of high stress among researchers at the faculty has also become clear in other evaluations and in this survey did not appear to have any clear connection to the assignment as supervisor and is therefore primarily an issue for the faculty management to handle. The Research Education Board has taken measures to reduce the administrative burden on supervisors, such as automating the payment of doctoral student months to full-time doctoral students. The Board continues to discuss other procedures and processes that can further reduce the administrative burden on supervisors.

The survey was conducted in spring 2020 and was sent to 452 principal supervisors at the faculty.

Doctoral student surveys

The Faculty of Medicine conducts a survey aimed at doctoral students to monitor various quality aspects at the faculty. The survey is sent out regularly and is aimed at students who have recently completed their halfway review within the framework of the program. The survey contains questions about, for example, the educational environment, supervision, the halfway review and the overall experience as a doctoral student at the faculty. The results of the survey form the basis for analysis and discussion of possible areas of improvement and measures.

All doctoral students at Lund University are also given the opportunity to respond to a survey sent out by the The Education Strategy Support within the university’s central administration.  The survey highlights the doctoral students' experiences of doctoral studies at Lund University. The survey is sent out regularly to doctoral students after they have completed their dissertation and the survey results are reported annually to the central doctoral education committee.


Mid-way survey

The Faculty of Medicine also conducts a survey aimed at doctoral students to follow up various quality aspects at the faculty. The survey is sent out in conjunction with the halfway review. The results of the survey will form the basis for analysis and discussion around possible improvement areas and measures in doctoral education.

Course evaluations

The Faculty of Medicine works continuously with internal review of our postgraduate courses through course evaluations. Via the link to the right, you can take part of the summaries of the course evaluations in Box.


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