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Economy - useful for grant applications

Here you find useful information for grant applications. Some information is only available in Swedish. If you don't understand Swedish, please use a tool like Google translate to help translate the text.

Salary scales

Salary scales without social fees (LBK) and overhead (OH). The documents are in Swedish and open in a new tab.

Salary scale - PhD students 2022 (PDF 59 kB)

Recommended starting salary research assistants 2022 (PDF 37 kB)

Recommended starting salary postdoc, assistant researcher, lab researcher 2022 (PDF 5 kB)

Recommended starting salary postdoc, assistant researcher, lab researcher 2022 – medical doctors (PDF 64 kB)

Research overhead 2023 departments

Department of Experimental Medical Science (EMV): 24%

Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund (IKVL): 22%

Department of Laboratory Medicine (ILM): 23,71%

Department of Health Sciences (IHV): 23%

Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö (IKVM): 22%

Department of Translational Medicine (ITM): 21,5%

Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC)
and Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM): 21,63%

Salary calculation 2023

Social fees:

  • Persons born 1937 or earlier: 16,99%
  • Persons born 1938-1956: 27,20%
  • Persons born 1957-1987: 54,0%
  • Persons born 1988 or later: 55,86% (on salary up to 7,5 income base amounts)

Vacation supplement: 1,288%

Formula for hourly wages

Monthly salary x social fees x vacation supplement divided with 165

Change basic account of salary

Change basic account of salary (in Swedish, Excel 30 kB)

Scholarships and grants

Information about grants calendar and grants

Rent, user fees and subsidies

Rent and user fees are decided on a yearly basis, based on the budget, which is decided by the Faculty of Medicine Board.

Rent and user fees 2024 (in Swedish, Word 16 kB)

Rent and user fees 2023 (in Swedish, PDF 123 kB, ny flik)

Calculation of cost an subsidies for office and lab spaces (in Swedish, Excel 27 kB)


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