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Equal opportunities

The university's activities must safeguard democracy, legality, objectivity, free opinion formation, respect for everyone's equal value, efficiency, service, as well as democratic principles, human freedoms, and rights.

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To be able to develop a strong and free academic community we have to show respect for one another and benefit from our differences from one another.

The Faculty of Medicine is to be gender equal with zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation. 

What the Faculty does

The remit of the Faculty’s Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Committee (GEEO) is to achieve the objectives described above by: implementing the University’s and the Faculty’s governing documents regarding gender equality and equal treatment; to spread knowledge about gender equality and equal treatment; to provide information about the work being done by the Faculty; to propose and initiate various measures; and to coordinate the following up of results.

Current activities

Since September 2022 the GEEO has an appointed working party that is engaged, as a commission from the Faculty Management via the GEEO, in developing practical tools and initiatives for active measures against discrimination.

The Faculty’s action plan for work on the work environment, gender equality and equal treatment, 2023-2025 “Together for a sustainable work environment” contains the following strategic objectives that the working group will work in 2023 to put into practice:

  • Define clear objectives for knowledge levels in the work environment, gender equality and equal treatment. We will draw up, define and clarify the objectives in a document. We will spread information about the objectives in Faculty activities by offering tools for how to build a good culture in a work group.
  • Increase awareness of the positive effects of diversity. We will ensure that knowledge is spread through various courses and offer the opportunity for proactive work by, for instance, looking at the advantages of diversity. 
  • Produce simple tools for communication and clarify this support. We will make it easier for managers and staff members to communicate in questions concerning the work environment, gender equality and equal treatment, and especially victimisation, through the implementation and development of checklists.

Action plan - “Together for a sustainable work environment” (in Swedish, LU-box)

Activities completed in 2022-2023

  • Each year the GEEO produces gender equality statistics for the Faculty of Medicine in order to enable reflection, produce suitable active measures and have verified supporting information in discussions.
    Read the report "Gender equality statistics 2022” (in Swedish, PDF 0,8 MB, new tab)
  • In 2022 the GEEO was an active consultation body in work to produce supporting documents for managers when handling violations and harassment.
    Read more about the work environment, violations and harassment (in Swedish, HR-webben)
  • Developed new salary criteria for teachers.
    Download ”Salary criteria– application for the Faculty of Medicine’s professors and senior lecturers in conjunction with salary reviews" (in Swedish, PDF 330 kB, new tab)
  • Produced supporting material for the work of the Faculty’s Academic Appointments Board on the influence of unconscious factors in the assessment of applicants for academic appointments – ”Bias observation” 
  • Lecture and workshop: “Not doing as usual – for increased inclusion"
    In February 2023 a lecture and workshop were held with Senior Lecturer Elisabeth Högdahl from the Faculty of Social Sciences. This lecture was about how questions concerning equal treatment can be viewed from a norm perspective and the workshop discussed which norm-breaking tools can be successful in the organisation. The lecture was aimed at all staff members in the Faculty of Medicine. 
  • The seminar series "Equal opportunities – the same rights"
    In 2020-2022, the GEEO organised a seminar series based on the seven grounds of discrimination: sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age. The seminar series was aimed at students and faculty staff, but also other interested people if places were available. The purpose of the seminar series was to increase awareness of discrimination by sharing people’s accounts and to increase understanding of how healthcare can be experienced from the perspective of the individual.


Eva Nilsson
Coordinator of systematic preventive work against discrimination and administrative support
eva_a [dot] nilsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se