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Buying a computer and computer accessories

When you are going to buy a computer, we recommend you to connect it to PC.LU.SE and MAC.LU.SE, which are university-wide, modern, secure and user-friendly computer platforms based on Windows 11 and the latest macOS.

When you're connected to these platforms, you'll get automatic updates, security settings, and firewalls. Backup automatically syncs your work folders. The hard drive is encrypted using BitLocker, so your data and files remain confidential, and your computer complies with the laws governing research or student data on university computers.

More information about the platforms: PC.LU.SE and MAC.LU.SE

Applications are easily installed via Software Center (PC) or Self Service (Mac) if you are connected to the platforms.

Is any software missing? Contact ServiceDesk [at] lu [dot] se (ServiceDesk[at]lu[dot]se).

How to buy a computer and computer accessories

Computers and computer accessories can be ordered via Med IT's order page. Sign in with your Lucat ID.

The location (BMC/MV, CRC and HSC respectively) you choose when ordering will also be the pick-up point.

Med IT's order page (requires Lucat ID)

Exchanges, returns, complaints

Computers and computer accessories purchased through Med IT are covered by installation and service of and, respectively, as well as returns, warranty and repair.

Med IT does not handle purchases, exchanges, returns or complaints for computers, accessories, office printers, mobile phones, tablets or consumables that are not on the order page. If you purchased computers and accessories on your own through Lupin, Med IT can only provide limited support, such as help with and

Work computers older than five years

Older computers cost more to repair and it is usually more cost and time effective to order a new one. We therefore recommend that computers older than five years that are broken or have poor capacity and performance are replaced with new ones. This does not apply to lab computers.

Rules for procurement and purchasing

Purchases of goods needed for work at Lund University must be made in a legal, businesslike and efficient manner. Read more about Lund University's rules for procurement and purchasing on the Staff Pages:

Purchasing and procurement (Lund University Staff Pages)

Contact IT support

LU Servicedesk

servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se)
+46 46 222 90 00