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Course evaluations, course and programme reports, and quality plans

Course evaluations and Course Reports are key elements in the continuous improvement of the faculty's courses. In the course evaluations, students share their views and experiences of individual courses, and teachers and students make suggestions on how the education can be developed. 

The course evaluations are based on a jointly developed template of questions for students to answer, and are conducted after each completed course. They are compiled and analysed in a Course Report, which later informs the Programme Report. 

Based on the results of the previous period's Programme Reports, the Programme Boards draw up Quality Plans for the coming period.

Integration between two digital systems

In order to meet the requirements and expectations of the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) and the university, adequate digital support systems are necessary. This support significantly facilitates quality assurance work and saves time. The Faculty of Medicine uses two digital systems, Canvas and QPS, to benefit from each system’s specialty.

Canvas is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) that is considered user-friendly and has a lot of built-in features to facilitate, for example, communication with students, the creation of learning materials such as videos, and accessibility for students and staff with disabilities.

Learn more about Canvas (

QPS is a modern system whose strengths are above all different types of assessments, written tests and putting these in relation to students' goals. It also provides opportunities to make advanced analyses of, for example, students' performance and progression in relation to programme and course objectives, both individually and at group level.

Learn more about QPS (in Swedish, website for QPS at the Faculty of Medicine)

The two systems, Canvas and QPS, are linked in such a way that data from Canvas can easily be moved into QPS for analysis.

Canvas is used for

  • communication
  • dissemination of content

QPS is used for

  • written examinations 
  • assessments in forms
  • assignments
  • follow-up of results and progression
  • analysis

Availability of compilations of results

The Higher Education Ordinance states that summaries of results must be made available to all students. It is the university's responsibility to provide information about the results, and to decide on any changes to be made based on the Course evaluations. 

Course Reports, Programme Reports and Quality Plans are made available to students in the learning platform Canvas. The results of the course evaluations are also presented orally to the students at the end and start of the course.

More information about our educational programmes

On our learning platform Canvas, you can read course reports, programme reports and quality plans. Follow the links below. The programmes taught in Swedish link to Swedish-language information, and our three English-language programmes to information in English.


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