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Do you want to promote sustainable development in your everyday work?

Find resources for implementing positive changes for sustainability in your everyday work life!

I want to learn more about Agenda 2030, the SDG:s and sustainable development

On the Lund University Sustainability Forum website, you can find MOOCs related to sustainable development, and one of them is an introduction to sustainable development and sustainability science.
LU MOOCs on sustainable development


As a teacher, I need pedagogical methods for integrating sustainable development in teaching in higher education

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an evolving research field, where concepts are further clarified, as well as desirable competences as outcome of ESD. There are some free-of-charge, online-based resources for ESD in higher education institutions.

Lund University's Sustainability Forum has collected policy documents around ESD at Lund University, and resources, such as courses and MOOC:s, for teachers at the university who want to develop their knowledge and skills in ESD.

Lund University's Division for Higher Education Development organize seminars every semester about sustainable development in higher education teaching, and have a blog about teaching for sustainability. There are also other resources, such as courses and MOOC:s, for teachers on their website.

There is also a network of teachers, a "Community of Practice", coordinated by Sustainability Forum and Division for Higher Education Development. The members of the network share experiences and advice for integrating sustainable development into their teaching.

Sustainability Forum: Sustainable development in education

Division for Higher Education Development: Teaching for Sustainability
A rounder sense of purpose: Education for Sustainable Development competences


As a clinical researcher, I want to know how I can further sustainable development in the clinical setting


Nordic Centre for Sustainable Development is an international cluster for furthering sustainable healthcare. Lund University is a member. On their website, you can find information about upcoming courses, seminars and conferences, solutions to sustainability problems in healthcare, news and other resources. 

Nordic Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


I want to use a cloud solution for accessing cross-border big data

Stay updated on the HALRIC website! 

Interreg project HALRIC website 


I want to know what I, my coworkers or my employees can do to be more sustainable in our daily life


Travel sustainably: Lund University policy for travel

Purchase sustainable food at Lund University


I want to know what changes we can make in our department/lab to make work more sustainable


Lund University has a framework to support you in transitioning your department to becoming more sustainable. There are also companies offering information about how you can make your lab more green. 

Lund University Environmental certification system


I want to plan for sustainable conferences, meetings and events

The university has adopted guidelines for sustainable conferences, meetings and events. 

Organize your meeting/event/conference sustainably: Lund University guidelines


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