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The Faculty of Medicine in numbers

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Employees & students: The Faculty of Medicine has approximately 2,000 employees and 3,000 full-year students spread across three campuses in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. Of the employees, approximately 350 are professors and lecturers, approximately 1,000 so called other teachers, researchers and doctoral students, and approximately 500 employees are so called technical and administrative staff.

Education: The Faculty has eight programmes at basic level. At advanced level, there are two Master's programmes, seven Specialist Nursing Programmes and a Midwifery Programme. The Faculty also has a one-year Introductory Programme in Health Sciences as well as a range of freestanding courses in Medicine and Health. The Medical Programme and the Nursing Programme are the largest of our educational programmes.

The Faculty also has a Doctoral Programme with approximately 1,000 doctoral students and approximately 150 dissertations are held each year.

Research: Half of the Faculty's research activities are financed by state grants and state council grants, the remaining funding comes mainly from foundations.

The Faculty's turnover amounts to SEK 3.2 billion, of which four fifths go to research and one fifth to education.

Financial contributions: SEK 1.4 billion in state budget funds (including ALF), SEK 1.8 billion come from other contributors.

The figures were updated in March 2024.

Full Time Students: 3 000

Employees: 1832

PhD Students: 1 034

Research Groups: 514

Professors: 201

Visiting Professors: 6

Senior Lecturers: 151

Assistant Senior Lecturers: 9

Postdocs: 99

Other research staff: 436

Dissertations: 149

Campuses: 3

Bachelor´s level programmes: 8

Master´s level programmes: 2

National Research Infrastructures: 14

SFOs: 4

Turnover: SEK 3,2 billion (Research: 81%, education: 19%)

Government funding: SEK 1,4 billion

Other financial contributors: SEK 1,8 billion