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Jobbsprånget: Internship program for foreign graduates

Rémy Ghalayini CTO at Globhe about Jobbsprånget

Are you a manager and want to bring competence into your team? Now you have the opportunity to offer foreign academics a four-month internship completely free of charge. The application period starts on 16 December.

Jobbsprånget is a four-month internship program for foreign academics: e.g. engineers, economists, HR, marketing, communication, and IT/programming. The aim of the programme is to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness and improve integration. 

  • It is easy and free to participate. The trainees receive compensation and insurance through the Swedish Public Employment Service. Jobbsprånget handles all contact with the employment service. 
  • You gain access to new skills and experience that can contribute to the development and innovation of businesses. 
  • You contribute to increased diversity, social sustainability and reduced waste of resources in society. 
  • You get the chance to make contacts with potential future employees. Seven out of ten of the former interns have found a job after their internship. 

About Jobbsprånget

Jobbsprånget was founded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences with funding from the Swedish government via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Wallenberg Foundations. Since 2017, Jobbsprånget has been commissioned by the government via the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. 

At present, 600 employers around the country are participating. Jobbsprånget is often in line with the companies' competence, diversity and equality strategy. 

The programme offers two internships per year and the next application period starts on 16 December. 

Want to know more?

Do you want to become a supervisor for a Jobbsprångare? Are you a manager and want to bring competence into your team? Or just know more about the program? Email our contact person at Jobbsprånget, Peter Mayerhofer peter [dot] mayerhofer [at] jobbspranget [dot] se and he will tell you more about how easy it is to participate.

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