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AMBER's first postdoctoral fellowship recruitment call is open

Frog in orange circle. Logo for Amber. Illustration.

The EU-funded research project AMBER, coordinated by LINXS, has opened its first round of postdoctoral fellowship positions, with a deadline of 18th of March 2024.

AMBER, Advanced Multiscale Biological imaging using European Research infrastructures, will address scientific and sectoral gaps in biological imaging ranging from molecular, through cellular, to tissue, organ and organism levels of organisation.

Portrait of Trevor Forsyth. Photo.
Trevor Forsyth, professor, Department of Experimental Medical Science and Director of LINXS.

The AMBER fellows completing this programme will be extraordinarily well equipped for further careers in academia, at infrastructures, and in the health and MedTech sectors. AMBER will have a major impact on interdisciplinary research over lengthscales from molecular to organism, on connectivity between science and clinical communities, and on the exploitation of the large facility infrastructures throughout Europe, says LINXS Director Trevor Forsyth.

Read the full article with Trevor Forsyth, Director of LINXS. 

The first round of postdocs will be recruited under the following topic areas

  • Biological and biomedical imaging
  • Lipids, lipid-based therapeutics and partially ordered systems
  • Protein structure in health and pathology
  • Probing, imaging and manipulating molecular interactions in biology

Application and topics on LINXS website