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Health Factors OSA questionnaire: "... indicates that we're on our toes and want to deliver"

Cut out letters on cork board spelling respect. Photo.

There are many health factors in the 2023 OSA questionnaire. Here we list the departments and answers that stood out a little extra. Read what the Heads of Department have to say about the matter.

Performance appraisal

Agneta Malmgren Fänge. Photo.
Head of Department Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Department of Health Sciences.

Hi Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Head of Department at IHV! 
The average for completed staff appraisals for the faculty landed on 88%, and you reached a full 98% plus 1.2 for new employees who have not yet had time to have any appraisals.

What do you say about the numbers?
"These are great figures. I interpret them as the employees having confidence in their managers and that there's a desire on both sides to create the best possible conditions for each employee".

Have you worked consciously on this issue?
"Our group managers do a very good job and are aware of the importance of staff appraisals. I can't say that we've explicitly worked with this issue, but we always have an ear to the ground when it comes to the employees' work environment. Maybe that's what we see here"?


Sufficient competence

Portrait Patrik Midlöv. Photo.
Head of Department Patrik Midlöv, Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö.

Hi Patrik Midlöv, Head of Department at IKVM
94% of the faculty's employees feel they have sufficient competence to perform their duties, your department reached 95%.

What do you say about the numbers?   
"Naturally, these are very encouraging figures that show the high level of competence among our employees".

Have you worked consciously on this issue?   
"I can't say that we've made any special efforts to achieve this. But I'm guessing careful recruitments are the basis, followed by thorough monitoring to meet the needs for skills development". 


Portait Lars Dahlin. Photo.
Head of Department Lars Dahlin. Department of Translational Medicine

Hi Lars Dahlin, Head of Department at ITM! 
The average for employees to know what results they should achieve across the faculty was 86% and you reached a full 95%. 

What do you say about the numbers?   
"It's great that we are so high on this issue and I feel proud of both employees and managers. This indicates that we're on our toes and want to deliver". 

Have you worked consciously on this issue?  
"Perhaps not exactly with that wording, but we always strive for clarity and I believe that this particular result reflects the department's leadership, especially at group level. Clear goals make it easier to deliver, which of course benefits the entire department". 

Respectful treatment

Porträtt Mikael Bodelsson. Photo.
Head of Department Mikael Bodelsson, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund.

Hi Mikael Bodelsson, Head of Department at IKVL! 
At faculty level 86% think their co-workers treat them in respectful manner, at your department it was 91%. 

What do you say about the numbers?  
"I think it's great! There's not really that much difference between our results and the faculty average, but we're happy and rejoice with our employees". 

Have you worked consciously on this issue?
"Not specifically, but respect requires that everyone contributes. We once had a head of department from another faculty as a guest at one of the department's management meetings. A little surprised, he commented afterwards that we were so straightforward and clear towards each other. I think that attitude requires respect but also gives for respect. And if you're happy and positive, it's easier to treat your closest colleagues with respect. There's a great get-on attitude at the department. Lena Gunnarsson, our Head of Administration, calls it the IKVL spirit. She's probably right".

Health factors OSA questionnaire

Faculty employees and managers feel that they:  

  • have the opportunity to influence the planning of their work tasks and know which tasks are to be carried out 
  • receive sufficient information to carry out their duties 
  • perceive their work tasks as meaningful 
  • have sufficient competence to perform their duties 
  • know what results are to be achieved 
  • feel that they have enough staff meetings 
  • have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues when needed and have colleagues who express their opinions in a respectful manner 
  • had performance appraisals with their immediate manager over the past 12 months.