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Using and creating video in education – support & guidance

Library & ICT* staff can help you use and produce videos of various types for your teaching. We also provide user support in Canvas, Zoom and survey tools. Our support acts as a link between technology and pedagogy. Where your and your students' needs are put in focus.

Get started with creating educational videos 

If you want to produce your own educational material in the form of video, you can get help to realise an idea, plan your recording and get feedback on a film or screen recording you have made. If you are thinking about using video in your teaching, contact us! You know the content - we help with the technology and the form. The material can then be used in online courses, flipped classrooms or presentations. If you are not sure how best to integrate video into your teaching, we can help you with that too. This support is free to teachers, faculty, and staff.

Get help with all aspects of production free of charge

You can get help with all parts of the process: planning, preparation, production and post production. Faculty members receive this support free of charge.

You can get help with

  • recording lectures, tutorials, and guides
  • planning the recording of a lecture or the production of a video
  • discussing your ideas
  • writing a script
  • using basic image and video tools
  • getting feedback on a video or screen recording you made yourself.

This is what we need from you:

  1. Idea or draft script
  2. Goal and purpose of the video
  3. Intended length/scope (roughly)

We'll get back to you within 24 hours and take it from there. When we can start a media project and how long it will take depends on the type of help you need and any ongoing requests and projects.

Borrowing mobile recording equipment or a table microphone for professional sound quality

You can borrow microphone pads and stabilisation stands from us to improve the quality of your mobile camera recording. We also have a professional studio microphone (table microphone) on loan if you're aiming for the perfect sound for your screen or audio recording. You get a completely different quality of sound than with a regular headset.

*ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. In education, it mainly refers to the use of digital tools to support learning, such as learning platforms, video recordings, etc.


Library & ICT Division of Research & Teaching Support

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