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Apply for funding

Faculty-wide international incentive funding

The Faculty of Medicine issues calls for applications for international incentive funding twice a year (April 1-15 and November 1-15). These funds are only for collaborations within undergraduate education and cannot be used for research collaborations.

Bear in mind that the stay must be at least two days and consist of at least eight teaching hours per week or occasion. 

In the case of teacher mobility to countries included as programme countries in Erasmus+, the Erasmus grant has to be used in the first place.

If the cost is estimated to exceed the amount of the grant, an application can be made for additional funding from the international incentive funding by submitting an application in good time before the mobility. 

They can be contact trips to prospective or current partner universities in order to increase student and teacher mobility or contact trips that otherwise promote cooperation that is consistent with the Faculty’s action plan for internationalisation. 

The application for a contact trip should clearly state how the result will be fed back into the degree programme.

Read the Faculty’s action plan for internationalisation (in Swedish, PDF 586 kB, new tab)

This includes projects intended to attain the targets set out in the Action plan for internationalisation of education at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Faculty of Medicine 2019–2024:

  • Increase in the number of students spending part of their education abroad
  • Deeper internationalisation at home
  • Increased participation in international work among the Faculty’s teaching staff
  • Increased teacher mobility
  • Deeper collaboration with foreign universities
  • The link between internationalisation work and the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) must be clear

Irrespective of whether you are interested in teacher mobility, contact trips or project funding, you can apply here. 

Contact teresa [dot] svarvell [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se if you have any more questions. 

Mobility for teachers

International experience for you who is passionate about teaching issues 

Do you want to contribute to improving higher education and to network-building? The STINT Teaching Sabbatical gives you an opportunity to develop the University and yourself, based on the role of teacher rather than the role of researcher, by spending an autumn semester at one of STINT’s 11 partner universities in the US, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

The Faculty of Medicine is able to nominate two candidates for participation in the STINT Teaching Sabbatical. The nominees have to hold a doctorate and be employed by and well embedded in the activities of Lund University. The call for applications and nomination of employees of the Faculty of Medicine is coordinated by the Faculty’s International Office.

Read more about the programme and the call for applications (website for the STINT Teaching Sabbatical)

If you are a teacher, researcher or doctoral student, you can get funding for teaching, lectures, seminars, supervision and examination at a partner university in Erasmus+.

Open application.

Read more about the application, stay and compensation (Lund University Staff Pages)

Staff training

Develop in your working role 

If you are an employee of Lund University, you can participate in the day-to-day work of a partner university, a company or an organisation and get funding for: 

  • courses 
  • job shadowing
  • observation periods
  • ”Staff Weeks” 

Read more about the application, stay and compensation (Lund University Staff Pages)

Are you interested in further developing skills that you may benefit from in your job? You find opportunities for staff training in the database run by IMOTION (Integration and Promotion of Staff Training Courses at Universities across Europe) – a project funded within the EU’s initiative for lifelong learning and skills exchanges between Erasmus+ countries.

Explore the opportunities for staff training (web site/database IMOTION)

Exchange programmes can enable you to enhance your skills and make valuable international contacts. The following link, at Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), takes you to an extensive list the of programmes containing both short and long exchanges in the Nordic region, the EU and international organisations.

Job exchanges for state employees (UHR website)

University-wide funding opportunities

You will find University-wide calls for applications for funding for internationalisation on Lund University’s Staff Pages:


Maria Sjöström
International Coordinator
maria [dot] sjostrom [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 14 98