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Stata Introductory Course

Get started with Stata!

Join our introductory course to a user-friendly statistical software programme for preclinical and clinical researchers. Stata is an excellent software for preclinical researchers, being a great alternative to GraphPad Prism that is not syntax based and thus not suitable for producing research results. Stata is compatible with, among others, R (i.e., one can use R from within Stata) and a Bayesian language Stan for those wanting flexibility.

Stata is also fantastic for clinical researchers, offering simple solutions to data management problems, but also advanced methods including, but not limited, to survival analysis, mixed models, doubly robust methods, Bayesian methods, models used in quasi-experimental design, and many others.


The aim of the course is to give a simple overview of Stata software for persons that have little experience with statistical software in general (e.g., PhD students), or those that have a lot of experience but would like to change software to Stata or are curious about Stata. We will not perform any advanced analyses.

After the course you will know more about:

  • what Stata looks like and its “click-menu”
  • Stata’s syntax
  • data import
  • simple descriptive tables and figures
  • simple statistical models
  • help files

Dates and registration

New dates will be announced later this year.

What prerequisites or installations are needed?

There are no prerequisites to the course.

Stata is available for free to all PhD students at the Medical Faculty. Contact Med IT for technical support and installation.

Senior researchers will get free short-term access to Stata for the purpose of the course, do not need to purchase Stata to participate in the course. Please contact the course leader well in advance of the course for your short-term copy of Stata.

Support & online community

Stata comes with thorough manuals, help files and working examples, making it easy to explore new methods. There is also an active online community that answers questions and offers help.