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Copyright and use of images

Using other people's images in an article, in the summary, or for a poster


Is it OK to use other people's images?

Generally, you must have permission from the copyright holder for the image in order to use it in an article or thesis. It can be a photographer, illustrator, organisation or publisher that holds the copyright. If you use images from the internet, make sure you know what applies regarding copyright and how the image may be used.

When using images and film, be aware of that you must consider legal aspects. 
For example, material you download from the internet may be subject to laws, and all images and videos containing personal data must be handled in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Learn more about GDPR and consent from people in images or films here: Images and film – copyright and consent (Lund University Staff Pages).

Using images with Creative Commons licenses

Individual creators, photographers and illustrators can make their works accessible for others to reuse. Most often, this is stated via a so-called Creative Commons license. 

The photographer/illustrator or organisation may use different licenses to describe how others may use their work. The work (for example an image, figure, photo or illustration) is still protected by copyright, but others can use it according to the license without asking for permission.

There are various CC licenses that regulate how others may reuse the work in question: copy or even modify, in commercial contexts or not. Always give credit to the creator!

More information about the Creative Commons licenses (website for Creative Commons)


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