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Task forces

Based on Future Faculty’s mission and our yearly and recurrent activities, we have the following board positions and task forces.

Below, we outline the key tasks and responsibilities of each position and task force.


Responsibility: Being the face and voice of Future Faculty

Key tasks

  1. Outline yearly vision and mission at first steering group meeting
  2. Call steering group meetings (approximately 8 a year)
  3. Organise kick off meeting
  4. Read and approve all meeting protocols
  5. Represent Future Faculty in Faculty Board (approximately 8 a year)
  6. Have bi annual meetings with Region Skåne
  7. Have continuous contact with dean of research
  8. Represent Future Faculty in the docent appointments committee
  9. Represent Future Faulty in the nominating committee
  10. Present activities and vision/mission of Future Faculty once a year to head of departments
  11. Outline bylaws and present for the steering board
  12. Represent Future Faculty at introduction days (2 out of 4)
  13. Delegate or take on responsibility of task force if needed


Responsibility: Support the Future Faculty organisation

Key tasks

  1. Support chair in setting focus for the year
  2. Act as chair in Future Faculty steering board meetings if chair is unable to participate or has a conflict of interest
  3. Act on behalf of the chair in meetings of the Board of the Faculty of Medicine and the Nominating and Docent Appointment Committees, if the chair is unable to participate
  4. Act as secretary if secretary is not able to participate in steering board meetings
  5. Support chair in administrative work
  6. Represent Future Faculty at introduction days 
  7. Support task forces as needed
  8. Be point person for the process of filling board or committee positions outside the Future Faculty steering board, for example LUCC


Responsibility: The economic overview of Future Faculty, preparing the budget and paying invoices. 

Communication Manager

Responsibility: To support the online presence and maintain growth and visibility of Future Faculty 


Responsibility: Keep steering board meeting protocols 

Task force Retreat

Responsibility: The planning and execution of the yearly retreat 

Task force Minerva

Responsibility: The execution of the yearly Minerva Award 

Task force Election

Responsibility: The execution of the yearly election in Future Faculty 

Task force Career

Responsibility: To work to inform our members and young researchers about career paths and other career-related information through seminars and workshops.  

Task force Employment & Recruitment

Responsibility: To work toward improved fairness and transparency in questions related to employment and recruitment for young researchers, and to inform our members about related issues.  

Task force Outreach

Responsibility: Increase our visibility and accessibility. Actively working towards inclusiveness and networking with all our members. 

Task force National Junior Faculty

Responsibility: Represent Future Faculty Lund University in the National Junior Faculty steering organisation.


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