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Your new salary is on its way

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The goal is to pay out the new salaries in February and March.

For members of Saco-S or unorganized, the goal is to pay the new salaries in February. For members of OFR/S and Seko, the new salaries are planned to be paid in March. 

If you are a member of Saco-S, or are unorganised, you must have been offered a so-called salary-setting discussion with your manager. At the Faculty of Medicine, the salary-setting discussion must be held no later than 13 December.

On December 14, a digital salary agreement will be sent out from HR to all Saco-S members and unorganized via primula payroll clients.  Notification that there is a digital agreement will be sent by email.

Saco-S members must respond to the agreement with approved or not agreed no later than 22 December. If the agreement is not answered in time, it is deemed to have been approved.

For those who are not organised, the digital agreement is a written confirmation of the new salary.

Payment of new salaries

For  members of Saco-S or are unorganised (i.e. neither members of OFR/S nor Seko), the University's goal is to pay the new salaries in February 2024.For employees who are members of OFR/S and Seko, the new salaries are planned to be paid in March 2024.

Enhanced talks for Saco members in January 
For Saco members who respond to the salary agreement with Disagree,  an enhanced conversation will be held in January. Enhanced conversation means that the manager and employee meet again together with a representative of Saco-S and HR. Enhanced counselling is only offered to members of Saco-S.  

All new salaries will be paid retroactively from the salary review date of 1 October 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact HR at your office.