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Smörlyckan will be the hospital´s new location

Highrise. Photo.
Blocket. Photo: Johanna Erlandson

The proposal for a policy decision, i.e. the final decision, on the location of the new University hospital was announced today at a press conference in the Belfrage Hall.

According to the proposal for a policy decision on location alternatives for the future location of Skåne University hospital in Lund, the hospital will be built at Smörlyckan's recreation area, including the Victoria Stadium. The decision was made by a completely unanimous committee.

"For us, this is a day of joy! It will be a very nice University hospital, one of Europe's, or even the world's, foremost. Hospitals are always complicated, but a University hospital is even more so. I am pleased that the Faculty of Medicine will be reasonably close and that the location opens up new opportunities for collaborations with other researchers at the University, LTH and Medicon Village, with an opportunity to build a new innovation district for Life Science together," said Lund University's Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström.

New needs

The background to Region Skåne's investigation of alternative locations for Lund University Hospital is that existing buildings and premises in Lund's hospital area are difficult to develop and adapt to new needs and future requirements for the University hospital.

In addition to Lund University's Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström, Skåne University hospital, Region Skåne and Lund municipality participated in the press conference, which was held in the Belfrage Hall at BMC.

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